Food and Drink

Situated over the water in the Bay of Islands, our menus have been designed to compliment our location and views over the water. Martin Bosley, NZ's most awarded chef & lover of all things seafood, has put together a menu that highlights our local shellfish & line caught fish.

Who designs our Menus? 

Martin Bosley

As a family owned & operated restaurant we love to work with passionate people who don't mind a bit of fun. Martin has been a friend of the family for more than 25 years (back when Martin had a ponytail and all four of us daughters used to fit across the back seat of a Holden in car seats. Needless to say we wouldn't fit now!) and every project we have worked on together has been full of laughter and good times. So, naturally when it was time to bring someone aboard to work with us on the restaurants, we gave Martin a call. 

Take a moment to watch the video below and Martin will tell you why he's involved and share a bit about himself. 

Feeling Hungry?

Our Food

With a location that is hard to beat in terms of getting close to our stunning New Zealand waters, we just had to have shellfish & fish options for all the seafood lovers out there. Our suppliers of fish all run day boats from harbours across New Zealand catching fish with sustainable methods before delivering the product fresh to the chefs in the kitchen each day. 

But don't worry - we cater for those of you who are not so keen on the ocean variety of food. In fact, our family has been supplying meat to restaurants & hotels all over Auckland for nearly 25 years and now Sarah's younger sister, Lisa and her husband Rick, are the driving forces behind The Meatbox (you should check it out they deliver right to your door!).  We know that no menu is complete without steak & our world famous New Zealand lamb. And yes - the family supplies the meat for the restaurant. 

Sarah and all of her sisters have young children and have made sure there are options on the menu suitable for all ages. We have ensured that even the fussiest of eaters don't go away hungry & we always find the dessert menu an ideal bribe to get children to eat their main meal first.

Our kitchen does contain allergens such as gluten & dairy, so please let our team know if you have any allergies or food preferences and we will do our best to cater for you. Check out our menus below for our gluten free and dairy free options.

Perhaps you are feeling thirsty?

We offer a wide selection of New Zealand wines, the food-friendly nature of New Zealand wines makes them perfect to match with your meal. Of course we can't forget a cold beer. We serve a thirst quenching range of beer (the team are great at testing this for us) including our very own 35° South Ale. 

Our team have a passion for flavours so indulge with a cocktail, ask for some wine matching advice or just enjoy your much loved "usual" when you next pop in. 


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