Family Culture at our Waterfront Restaurant

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Posted by Eddie Parker on June 14, 2017

We Thrive on our Vibrant Culture

Eddie Parker, our general manager shares one of the things that he loves about being part of the team here at 35 Degrees South & Alongside. 

One of the things that I really love about working at 35 Degrees South and Alongside.  That's about our family culture.   I've worked at a lot of different places throughout my time, from little gaming bars to restaurants to pubs, you name it. I've been in and around most top venues and worked with privately owned, public owned, board of trustees, executive committees, the works. One of the things that I love about 35 Degrees is the structure and the leadership.   It comes from the owning family, and their core values and beliefs, everything from antiquity, a very upfront and honest people.Mike, Gayle & their 4 daughters Sarah, Katie, Lisa & Amy who own & operate 35 Degrees South in Paihia Restaurant

Core Values 

Community, which is also one of our values, is something that's been instilled in us again by the owning family, who are huge supporters of the community.  I think if you look at the work that the family does in their communities, you'd be really amazed at what they do. It's a sort of a work hard, play hard sort of atmosphere. We work hard but we have fun too. We have a joke and there's always someone that's pulling a sly one, with a smile on their face.  Passion, been really passionate about what we're doing. Again, you can see this in the family ... They're really passionate about everything they do.

If you look at our last value – teamwork, again, probably there were a lot of places where you see the owners and they're great owners but they leave the day to day operations generally to ... To be honest, I think you get two sorts.  We get the ones that leave the restaurant to their own devices, and they sort of pop down when there's some sort of large thing going, or you get the ones that are fully in there - 100%, and there's no real point in actually having any management because they're running the show.  I found that this family is a really good balance, a balance of support, but also a freedom to do what needs to be done. The family are always hell bent, probably down to help clean. The time that you see the family they're generally doing the dishes. They're in there with the team, shoulder to shoulder. If need be they can also be found peeling carrots or peeling potatoes.

Walking the Talk

Kyra serving cocktails over the bar at our Paihia RestaurantIt filters down. I think this is worth mentioning, just because you don't get that a lot in the industry, and you don't get a lot of what people say and what they do matching. I've been really privileged and honoured by working with this family. I've definitely improved during my time here.  A 100% improvement and that's due to the training and support of working with this family. You can see it with the team. Ask any other team member at  Alongside or 35 South what it's like to work for the McMasters and I think they'll reiterate what I say every single time. I think that's what makes us a place that's amazing - a place which we are always going to improve on, and being a huge part of this community with a lot to offer.

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