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Debt Free, Stress Free

Posted by Nelson D'sa on July 20, 2016

An inside look at how our team helps each other get ahead.

Nelson D'sa, our Operations Manager here at 35o South & Alongside pulls double duty by moonlighting as our team's financial coach. Our company values the ability to do things differently & create excellence in every part of our teams lives. Stress adds no value to anyone's life and the biggest stress most people face is money problems, only second to health. With that in mind Nelson is working with our teams to get them debt free, spending less than they earn and to set some financial goals. Below is his story about where he started & why he does this extra work in the business. We hope it helps you understand a little of who we are behind the scenes here at the restaurants.

My goal is to wake up on boat, on a tropical island in the sun. But realistically I need to work very hard in order to get there. I realized good things don’t come to those who sit around and wait but rather those who get up, get motivated and go for it. Which is when I also realized that yes, I was working hard, making a lot of money but I was also spending a lot of it too. I didn’t care how much anything was,whether or not I actually needed it but only if I could afford it so I bought it.

Then I met my partner who taught me the meaning of essentials, that just because I “wanted” something didn’t necessarily mean I “needed” it. She also taught me that I wasn’t going to end up on a boat, on a tropical island but instead on a kayak in a muddy river, if I didn’t stop spending carelessly and set up a savings plan. It changed my whole life.

I opened up a savings account with high interest after doing a lot of research as to what high interest actually meant. My first goal was to pay off my mortgage for our house we brought in Florida. 8 years later, it was paid off and we were debt free. Then the money that I made I wasn’t having to pay a bank, instead I was able to put it into my savings account. I am not trying to gloat or boast about how well off I was, all I’m trying to say is that if you set your mind to something and be consistent then you can achieve whatever you want to.

Every 3 months I reviewed which banks were giving the best interest rate, you have to be on top of this because banks will lower their interest rates and you wouldn’t even know. Everything we wanted to buy, was put into a list, the pro’s and con’s of each item were deeply discussed and we would then decide how urgent they were.

I am now very passionate about helping others be financially stable, helping them understand money. I want them to wake up every day and not worry about how many days until pay-day. I want them to be intelligent with their money and make wise decisions. It humbles me so much when my fellow team members who I have financially coached come up to me and tell me their car has broken down but that they have enough money to buy another one, or that another member of my team has moved closer to work so he can save more money. Stories like these make me feel like I have made a difference and makes all my hard work worth it. 60% off my team now have a savings account that they cant touch for 90 days, between 10-25% of their wages go straight into this account, my goal is to have 100% of my team with this account. Trust me, I will make it happen. 

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