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Violet's goals in life

Posted by Martha & Sophie on October 16, 2017

Today I just wanted to share with you all a topic that is close to my heart - my parents.  In fact, my main goal in life is to make my parents proud, and I think I have done that well thus far!

I'm from a small town community called Kaikohe, and my parents - Tania and Allen -  taught me everything I know and value from the great upbringing they gave me.  I was taught how to show respect to others, how to demonstrate care through hospitality at home, to value people from all walks of life and treat people with the deepest kindness and love.  They are also a pillar of support for me in my life.  My parents have always been there for me regardless of what my needs were and they have been patient in watching me grow and make my own mistakes and learn from them.  They've helped me emotionally and physically as well. I'm very in love with my parents. 

The strong message I am trying to get across here is - never take your family for granted.  Especially our parents.  Treat them with love, care and respect while you still have them here in this lifetime.  Take the time to stop and talk with them - that they may impart their worldly knowledge upon you.  

Sarah's love for the Bay of Islands

Posted by Martha & Sophie on October 03, 2017

Formative years for Sarah

I am originally from a little place called Te Kuiti, which is down in the King Country. I grew up on a farm there for the first eight years of my life.  Mum and Dad ran a farm there.  We then moved to a bigger farm in a place called Piopio which is even smaller, but we went to a bigger farm when I was about eight.

I was there for the next seven years of my life, so I spent a lot of time in the King country. I had an awesome childhood where we would go caving, swim in local rivers on tractor tyres, and ride horses.  I always wanted a horse of my own but could never afford it and so I ended up earning money by doing jobs around the farm to buy a Shetland pony.  The work on the farm could range from bagging up poo to sell for compost to filling up the pens behind the shearer's with sheep during shearing season.  I grew up in that gritty background.  With stable, strong parents to keep me grounded and focused in such a typical Kiwi farming lifestyle - the world was my oyster.  

We then moved to Auckland, where my parents ran a business selling meat to hotels and restaurants.  They also owned and operated a butchery business which was based inside "The Warehouse" before going on to do ready-made meals with McDonald's (that's right - actual McDonalds!) So I have generally been in and around the food industry pretty much all my life. 

My little family and I have been living here in Paihia for the last ten years.  Before that, I spent four years living in Thailand, where I met my husband, Jonny.

That's myself, Jonny and our little girl Scarlett. This is where I am, this is where we're based now, where I see us being for the foreseeable future is here in Paihia, in the Bay of Islands. I love living here. It's just an awesome place to bring up children as well, so accessible to the beaches and nature.  We are so lucky to live and work here in Paihia.  

The birth of Ma's Kitchen

Posted by Martha & Sophie on September 19, 2017

How a mistake turned into an opportunity

Martha Latu - one half of the personal assistant team talks about the creation of her Facebook page, "Ma's Kitchen" and how it all began.

For roughly two years now I have had a Facebook page where i cook and show people what I have cooked.  It generally serves no real purpose but to educate others.

The creation of this page comes off the back of years of peer pressure from my sister-in-law, Cherie, who was based in Hamilton at the time.  She would watch in fascination as I would cook and she saw value in my skills and the techniques I used to create what ever dishes I was making.  On top of that, I constantly had friends or whanau texting me for insight as to how to cook certain foods or meals.  I saw these meals as basic and nothing extraordinary and actually felt shy sharing my "skills" with others.

With this is mind, on one particular night I had made one of my favourite dishes for dinner - chicken noodle soup and I had posted it on my personal page.  Within minutes I had people wanting the recipe and rather than write it down for their convenience, I thought I would just record a quick video, upload it to a private page and invite who I wanted to watch it.

So there I am - in my pyjamas (I believe I was also sick - hence the soulful soup) and I'm talking to my IPhone which is propped against the wall recording me.  It's a non-eventful video and I don't even attempt to edit it - I just upload it straightaway to this private Facebook page I have created.  

Job well done and feeling pretty good with myself I put the phone away and think nothing of it for a couple of hours.  When I check back in I see that I have 21 new followers!  This is pretty much the point where I go in to panic mode and wonder how it is possible that people can access my private cooking page!  Turns out, my settings were incorrect and now THE PUBLIC were able to view my page and subsequent video!  I was mortified, but now, I felt an obligation to my followers.  That is how Ma's Kitchen was created - by an at home Mum with minimal knowledge of social media who just wanted to share what I had created at home with a select few people.  Now I have 5,500 followers and Ma's Kitchen just keeps generating new followers.

It began as a hobby really - I have to cook for my family each night, so how about I share with others what I am cooking each night?  It felt like an addition to something that I was already doing, so I didn't feel like I was going out of my way to make the videos.  I also wasn't editing any of them either and I think that is how the "she'll be right" feel has come about through the videos - I don't try to be something I'm not because it was important to me that I was relatable.

I have roped in my kids to be cameramen or taste testers for Ma's kitchen and I have also enticed a few friends and family to cook or appear on camera with me.  I could not have foreseen the growth that Ma's Kitchen following has gained - so I am obviously doing something right that people like to see.

I have no cooking "style" really - I cook according to whatever restrictions I have.  Usually it is cooking within a tight budget, meals that are suited to my children's palate while trying to find new ways of getting vegetables into their diet.  There have been odd occasions where I have been lucky enough to receive free seafood or meat from people, in which case I make a special meal - but generally it is just basic meals using basic ingredients.

A by-product of the creation of Ma's Kitchen is I now have confidence in front of the camera and have learnt some new skills with regards to social media.  Let's see where Ma's Kitchen goes from this space.

Get to know Sue

Posted by Martha & Sophie on August 31, 2017

I just want to share a little bit about name is Sue Waddell.

I'm the administration manager at 35 Degrees and Alongside in Paihia.  I've been here for about 15 months and I really enjoy working here.  My favourite part about my job would be counting the cash in the morning.  I find counting money very therapeutic - it slows my mind down and is a great way to start my work day - I know that sounds odd - but each to their own, right?

I have a daughter Abi. I spend a lot of time with her and her family.  We cater for the Kerikeri senior rugby club together and have been for the past 3 years.  I enjoy helping her with this.  Abi has 3 Sons, my grandsons Awatea 11, Wiremu 6 and Manu 3.  I love spending time with the boys. We enjoy playing cricket, going to the skate park and throwing the ball around at the rugby fields.  They have a lot of energy and keep me on my toes.  My eldest grandson Awa is awesome at rugby and I enjoy supporting him by watching his games on the weekends.

Other ways I fill my time outside of work include my role as a gymnastics coach based in Opua.  I have been in this role for roughly 20 years.  I really enjoy this role because I love the confidence that grows with each individual child as they learn new techniques and overcome their fears and insecurities.  It's a very rewarding role and I am honoured to be in this position.

When I do manage to find some down time in my life I really enjoy sleeping!  When I am not sleeping, I also delve into crosswords and/or reading romance novels.  Yes - I am a romance novel fan!  In the office at work, the girls constantly pick my brain for synonyms so I've got to keep my mind active to stay ahead of them! 

I've been a round a few years and I'm well-known because of my various roles I have held over the years in our region.  I love Paihia and I love my work too!  




My love affair with Paihia

Posted by Website Admin on August 09, 2017

My name is Kate and I am originally from Staffordshire in England. I've been here  in Paihia for about two and a half years now.

My role here at 35 Degrees South and Alongside is sales manager. That's running shifts, doing some ordering, working the bar, running the floor.  I love working here.

What brought me all the way to New Zealand from England is a bit of a funny story actually.  It was completely by accident. I didn't intend to come here. I was travelling around Australia, but I thought I might as well do New Zealand while I'm this far over the other side of the world. My plan was to come here for three months and then work for two months, save a bit of money, do a month's traveling and then go home.  

Well - it didn't quite work out that way at all.  Instead, I flew into New Zealand and came all the way up here to Paihia and I fell in love with the place straight away.  That was two and a half years ago.

What I love the most about being here in Paihia is the people and the views.  I'm originally from the midlands of England, and the closest beach is two and a half hours away, so to have the beach on my doorstep here in Paihia is such a luxury!  I count myself lucky to be here.  The summer's here are amazing.  I'm quite the sun worshipper - so I lap up as much of the summer weather as I possibly can.  

In my downtime I can be found at the beach, at home or socialising down Kings Road in Paihia.  As I had mentioned before I love the people here in this community and I have formed some lifelong friendships with a range of awesome people.





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